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Let's connect to discuss a common interest 

David A. Mervine, Esq. is affiliated with the Center for Universal Justice, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering support and assistance to individuals seeking Justice for egregious Civil or Human Rights Violations. 

If you believe your rights or someone else's are being violated by intelligent phenomena, and/or individuals associated with International, Foreign, Federal, State, and/or Local government; and/or Law Enforcement, private companies, NGOs, or individuals; and/or if you have an interest in one of the areas listed below, do not hesitate to connect.

  • Fundamental Rights

  • Due Process

  • Governmental Intrusions Into Private Life

  • Freedom of Speech, Expression, and Religion

  • Freedom of Thought

  • Gangstalking and Targeted Individual Phenomena

  • Counterintelligence Activities 

  • Cognitive Warfare

  • Psychological Torture 

  • Cyber Torture

  • Civil Conspiracy

  • Conspiracy to Violate Civil Rights

  • Crimes Against Humanity

  • Weaponization of Neuroscience, Big-data, and/or Artificial Intelligence

  • Use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) software, hardware, or infrastructure in the course of: advanced tortious conduct; civil rights violations; or human rights abuses

  • Electro-optical data as MASINT

Thank you for your interest.

  • Open Source Software

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Deep Learning 

  • Machine Learning

  • Neural Networks

  • Blockchain Technologies  

  • Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process 

  • ​False Arrest 

  • Excessive Force

  • Unlawful Search

  • Treatment of Prisoners

  • Employment Discrimination

  • Discrimination in Public Education

  • Intereference with or denial of Business Licenses

  • Credit Discrimination

  • Voting Rights

  • Privacy Advocacy

  • Privacy Protection

  • Medical Privacy

  • Vaccine Passports

  • Special Access Program Abuses

  • Private Intelligence Misconduct

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